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vacuum heat treatment

Vacuum heat treatment is, as the name implies, a technique involving a furnace and vacuum sealing unit. How it works is fairly simple. A specially-designed furnace is surrounded by a high-powered vacuum.

This vacuum is engaged during the heat treatment process. The product is placed in the furnace, surrounded by the vacuum. This force creates a tougher, more durable finish to any metal object, and is used in annealing and brazing, sintering and heat treatment.

But is it the right choice for you? And what are the benefits? Join us, today, for a closer look!

Vacuum Heat Treatment: What Is It?

Metal parts that are designed for strenuous use need to be treated in order to make sure they can withstand longterm use. When we vacuum heat treat these parts, they become able to withstand higher levels of heat and stress in actual operation. But how does it work? 

During this process, most of the air and its reactive elements exit the environment by way of the vacuum and a sealed heat treating chamber. This leaves just your component, the furnace, and the heating vacuum - a perfect combination for a perfect finish.

This system can't remove all the air from the chamber, but it does a good enough job that there is barely anything left to react with the metal. Certain highly reactive materials, such as titanium, may still discolor using a mechanical pump. These types of materials need an oil diffusion pump system in order to avoid discoloration.

But what are the benefits of using a system such as this?

It Reduces The Chances Of Your Components Distorting

It's understandable to slip into thinking of metal as something that never bends, breaks or distorts. After all, it's metal.

The truth, however, is that in spite of its many benefits, metal has been known to distort in heat or adverse weather. This is one thing (annoying) when it happens to the truss rod in your guitar neck, and another (dangerous) when it happens to a steel support beam in a building.

Treating your products in a heat vacuum chamber makes them sturdier and less likely to bend or break in moments of greater heat. Reduce the risks in your components by using vacuum heat treatment, and you're investing in their continued usefulness.

It Reduces The Need For Further Cleaning

This may seem like a minor benefit, but the truth is cleaning all of your components regularly can seem like a waste of time. With vacuum heat treatments, metal parts don't have to be cleaned afterward.

In a business where productivity and peak performance go hand in hand, your best investment is one that saves you money in a meaningful way. And metal parts that look good while maintaining their structural integrity are a great way to achieve just that. 

Forget About Scalding And Discoloration

Scalding your metal during a standard heat treatment is everyone's worst nightmare. The effect is terrible, and it compromises the integrity of whatever component you're treating.

With vacuum heating, there's no worry about your metal scalding. This specific type of treatment also won't discolor your metal, giving you that finish you were looking for without any gambles.

Once again, in business, scalded or discolored products may seem trivial, but they result in a waste of resources and man-hours. Standard heat treating methods can run amok on your metal's structural properties.

Parts Come Out Ready For Further Forming

Of course, for many of us, once we've treated metal components in a heat treating furnace, it's on to the next phase of production. And that usually involves further forming to bring them up to your client's specifications. Which can be tricky with extremely hot metal.

Vacuum heat treatments help a lot in this way. Treated parts emerge completely ready for more forming, saving you time because you don't have to wait hours or days for the same effect.

Keep your overall productivity up by removing the waiting period middleman. Improve your production process with forming-ready parts, with vacuum heat treatment.

A Safer Treatment Option

Of course, when doing metal work safety needs to always be your number one priority. This should be paramount when you and your employees treat metal.

And in comes the idea of treating metal in a vacuum, once again. This is the safest method for this, with treatments without flammable gasses, or pollution and harmful oxygen. It's also a great option if you're in any way concerned about the environment around you.

Ultimately, this treatment method is innovative, foremost, but free of health hazards, as well. Stay OSHA-compliant by safeguarding the health of your employees with vacuum heat treatment.

Chemical and Mechanical Properties

Treating any metal in a heating treatment furnace is always going to lead to certain chemical processes occurring. Vacuum heating strengthens the chemical and mechanical properties in metals.

Take the fact that vacuum treated metal resists corrosion or the fact that it has been shown to have improved hardness and elasticity. Also of note is the metal's improved shear strength.

As these properties improve, they open the use of these metals up to new possibilities. This is only good for business, with manufacturers being able to create new products.

It's Energy Efficient

The holy grail of any manufacturing operation comes in the form of energy-efficient production. Being able to create components that look great, perform optimally, and benefit the environment checks all the right boxes.

And with vacuum heat treatments, this kind of goal is 100% attainable. Whether you run a small or a large operation, you can put your environmentalist money where your mouth is with a heat vacuum.

These energy-efficient operations work for the environment, but also your company's public image.

Vacuums and Heat Treatment: A Perfect Match

When the quality of your end product is the most important thing, you need to know you're using a system that leaves no room for mistakes. With a vacuum heat treatment installation behind you, you'll have found your system.

For more on this and other heat treatment solutions, visit Miheu Precision and the benefits of our expert service packages today!

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