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Carburizing and carbonitriding are thermo-chemical processes for surface treatment of steel. During the process of carburizing, steel surface forms a hard martensitic layer which is compactly adhered to the base and provides high wear resistance together with a tough pearlitic core. In the process of carburizing, steel is carburized in the austenitic range (between 880 °C and 940 °C) in a gas medium down to a depth of 5 mm. The process is followed by hardening and tempering to the specified hardness in the range of 55-64 HRC. During the process of carbonitriding, steel is case-hardened as well as nitrided. The process takes place at temperatures between 860 °C and 890 °C in gas media, forming carbon and nitrogen. The method is used for low-alloyed steels and to achieve higher hardness on the workpiece surface.


Maximum workpiece dimensions Maximum workpiece weight Medium (surrounding substance)
φ 720 × 950 500 kg oil


  • High surface hardness with an extremely tough core,
  • Increased wear resistance,
  • Durable dynamic and compressive strength.


  • Parts for automotive industry,
  • Mechanical parts for engineering,
  • Drive gears (gears, pinions, axles, shafts, etc.),
  • Stamped parts,
  • Various machine parts (bearing housings, flanges, bushings, clamps, etc.).
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