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Your Complete Guide to the CNC Machining Process

When you need a machine that can accurately shape any material to your specifications, you need a CNC machine.

These computerized routers can make anything from basic wooden signs to an electric guitar, but how do they work?

Recycling Truck Innovations: 6 Amazing Hardware and Process Innovations for Recycling Trucks in 2019

More than ever, the planet needs recycling. The fact is, recycling the material in the United States' waste stream could be turned into more than $7 billion.

Luckily, modern recycling companies are deploying trucks, scooping up waste, and making it good as new. 

How does recycling work

How Does Recycling Work?

Recycling may have seemed like a noble act 30 years ago, but today it's a necessity. With the rising issue of waste and climate change, higher standards of recycling are more important than ever. 

But the fact of that matter is that most Americans, and much of the world for that matter, probably have no clue how recycling works. 

Isothermal Process: Top 6 Benefits of Isothermal Quenching of Tool Steels for Guide Rollers

The study of physics first started in the 17th century. While physics has run the world we live in since before humans existed, the 17th century was when scientists first started trying to understand and name those processes.

In the centuries that followed, those studies led to the discovery of countless new and useful processes, including the isothermal process.

Bearing material

Need a Bearing? Here's How to Choose the Right Bearing Material for Your Needs

Did you know that the humble ball bearing is one of Leonardo da Vinci's inventions? His helicopter design may have been a fail, but the ball bearing was a successful component of it. 

Today the ball bearing is an integral part of technology. It reduces the level of friction between the two components. To ensure optimal functioning though, it is vital to select the right bearing material. 

hardening process

5 Benefits of the Vacuum Hardening Process

Around the year 7,000 BC, people discovered that they could hammer copper into useful shapes for tools that lasted longer than stone.

In the millennia that followed, metal-working has come a long way. Today, you need to choose everything from the right metal to the best hardening process to get the results you want. 


What Is Nitrocarburizing? How It Compares to Nitriding (and the Benefits)

Do you feel lucky today, punk? The iconic Smith & Wesson 29 of Dirty Harry fame has a modern nitrocarburized cousin. And the infamous Glock 17 of Die Hard, 24 and many other movies and TV is also nitrocarburized.

Do you use cold, hard steel?

Industrial shredder blades

A Guide to the Different Types of Industrial Shredder Blades

Recycling is responsible for saving millions of dollars and has the potential to save millions more. The entirety of the recyclable materials in the U.S. waste cycle could generate $7 billion, if recycled.

When you're running your industrial shredding machines, you're making a real difference in the environment. Though when it comes to recycling every little bit of energy counts. The less environmental impact the better.

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