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steel heat treating

What to Consider During the Steel Heat Treating Process

Treatment of metals is more than just an inside manufacturing issue, as it becomes social, economic, and even an environmental issue. Metal treatment requires everyone in your facility to know everything there is to know about the properties and elements that comprise your metals. Even if you're working with something as stable as steel, it's important that your steel heat treating process considers all the factors to avoid problems.

Annealing steel

The Difference Between Tempering and Annealing Steel

The US imported around $29 billion worth of steel in 2017.

What most people don't realize is that you can get different kinds of steel. For example, most people recognize the term "stainless steel." That's a type of steel with a high Chromium content, which limits rusting and staining.

Case hardening

Understanding the Process and Benefits Behind Steel Case Hardening

While there are many tough metals on the planet being mined and manufactured daily, steel alloys are still the hardest of all.

If you're looking to build strong materials that last for a long time while retaining their interior character, case hardening is the perfect process. Case hardened steel is one of the strongest metals you can work with for any application.

vacuum heat treatment

Why Vacuum Heat Treatment is a Good Idea

Vacuum heat treatment is, as the name implies, a technique involving a furnace and vacuum sealing unit. How it works is fairly simple. A specially-designed furnace is surrounded by a high-powered vacuum.

CNC Machining

What Is CNC Machining? Understanding the CNC Machining Process

Whether it's press tools or product knives, CNC machining plays a vital role in producing an item.

But what is CNC machining? You've probably heard the term thrown around often, yet many don't understand its significance in manufacturing.

6 Frequently Asked Questions about Annealing

Heat it up really hot to make it better.

That's the basic idea behind annealing and other heat treatments for materials. The heat causes physical and even chemical changes in the properties of a material.

plasma nitriding

What Are The Benefits of Plasma Nitriding?

Whether you're into automobiles, planes, mechanics, or industry, you know one thing:

German. Steel.

PET Bottle Recycling

Understanding the Elaborate Process Behind PET Bottle Recycling

Reducing plastic consumption has been a hot topic all over the news lately. But until we can figure out how to live without plastic completely, we're going to need ways to recycle them. Our landfills are only getting fuller by the minute.

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